Throw less fish back in - EU

EU fisheries ministers have begun their annual marathon to negotiate quotas. This year’s focus is as much on wasted catch as allowable amounts


Concern mounts over EU's bees

Twenty toxic ingredients in pesticides would be banned under an agreement between European Parliament and government negotiators. This is due to be


Oil prices slip further

The price of crude has fallen further to around 38 dollars a barrel in the US. There are technical reasons for that, but OPEC’s record cut in output


BNP suspends Fortis deal

The future of Fortis has become even more uncertain as BNP Paribas said it is suspending a key part of its deal to rescue the stricken financial


The Tale of Desperaux

Desperaux is a little mouse but he’s got big dreams. Adapted from Kate DiCamillo’s book, the film follows the big-eared rodent and his family. They


Athens hit by fresh clashes

Protesters and police continue to battle it out in fresh clashes in the Greek capital. In the 13th day of anti-government protests to rock Greece


Further Greek rallies underway

Despite torrential rain, protesters have taken to the streets of Athens once again to demonstrate over the shooting of a teenager by police earlier


China's Hu Jintao praise reform

Celebrating 30 years of reform,  President Hu Jintao has been marking three decades of Chinese economic growth. Addressing the communist party


Belgian PM faces calls to quit

Belgium faces more political upheaval, with Prime Minister Yves Leterme facing calls to resign over charges that he acted improperly over the failed