Tension remains high in Greece

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Tension remains high in Greece

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The streets are quiet again in the Greek capital Athens after another night of violence.

The scuffles between small groups of youths and police forces were limited compared to previous nights.

It has been a week now since the unrest started after a teenager died in a police shooting. The officer charged with the killing says he acted in self-defence against youths throwing stones at police.

While last night’s violence was contained mainly to the Exarchia neighbourhood where the boy was killed, peaceful demonstrators gathered for a candlelight vigil before the parliament to remember him.

On the streets of Athens, the violence has seriously dampened the Christmas spirit:

“With everything that has happened, no one is in the mood for Christmas,” said a man.

“People are afraid and worried,” said a woman. “It’s not like other years when we went out shopping and were in the mood for Christmas. Now, we’re even afraid of going out.”

Shop-owners say the damage caused by rioters amounts to hundreds of millions of euros – a dire situation compounded by the economic crisis also hitting the country.