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Deals said to be close in Brussels


Deals said to be close in Brussels

European Union members are said to be edging closer to a deal on ways to tackle climate change and stimulate their economies.

The bloc’s leaders will today continue to thrash out compromises at a summit in Brussels.

Plans for a 200 billion euro stimulus package are under the spotlight, as well as EU goals to cut CO2 emissions by 20 percent by 2020.

Yesterday, on day one of the two-day summit, it is reported leaders also agreed in principle to a set of concessions to Ireland.

Despite fierce opposition at home, Dublin has been under pressure to hold a second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, which aims to streamline EU decision making.

The treaty has been in limbo since June when Irish voters rejected it in a first referendum. To come into force, it needs to be approved in all states.

The new plan is to offer Ireland legally binding guarantees on various issues, including its neutrality.