Mass grave found at Argentine secret prison

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Mass grave found at Argentine secret prison

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More than 10,000 bone fragments have been unearthed at a secret Argentine detention centre.

It is seen as proof of persistent claims that students were routinely rounded up in large numbers, tortured and killed at clandestine prisons during Argentina’s so called ‘Dirty War.’

Forensic scientists say the remains at Arana have been badly burned so identification was going to be difficult.

Forensic Scientist Luis Fondebrider said: “It’s the first time work has been done on such a large scale in a clandestine detention centre and producing this kind of result. But we didn’t just find mass graves, also bodies that had been burned within the graves.”

Proof the bones are human came on December 10: the 25th anniversary of the end of the dictatorship in 1983.

Evidence shows the bodies at Arana were thrown into pits and then covered with fuel and burning tyres.

More than 200 bullet holes were also found, evidence of executions. They were marked with red paint by scientists.

Some of those behind the mass killings have been brought to justice. They include the police chief of Buenos Aires province, Miguel Etchecolatz. His conviction was a landmark ruling. His main accuser, who was held at Arana, has since disappeared. But his remains have not been found.