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Assisted suicide film defended amid UK outcry

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Assisted suicide film defended amid UK outcry


Amid an outcry over its broadcast, family and filmakers have been defending a documentary on assisted suicide showing a man’s final moments.

Motor neurone disease sufferer Craig Ewert travelled from England to a Swiss clinic to take his own life, allowing this to be captured on camera.

His widow Mary said her husband’s choice was between death and suffering and death.

“He had to make a decision which of those it would be for him,” she said.
“In that instance, death, perhaps sooner than he would have chosen, was the logical choice.”

The former academic and father of two was from the United States. His death was filmed by Oscar-winning Canadian director John Zaritsky who said:

“If you are going to debate assisted suicide or euthanasia, I think it is important for an audience to witness the entire event in its completeness and unless you do see the death and the manner in which a person dies in Switzerland with assisted suicide, people will wonder; Well how long did he suffer? Did he suffer when he died? Was it peaceful and gentle or was it violent and traumatic?”

Critics have slammed Wednesday’s broadcast by Britain’s Sky TV as “euthanasia voyeurism”, saying it creates a false impresion of a growing demand for assisted suicide in the UK.

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