Alexiy - portrait of a leader

Alexiy II was born Alexei Ridiguer in 1929 to a German family living in Estonia. His father was a priest and the young Alexei followed in his


Czech! One-two! Is this on?!

The President of the European Parliament has told Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek in Prague that the success of the Czech Republic’s EU presidency


Crude hits four-year low

With the US unemployment figures pointing to less production and less demand for oil, the price of a barrel of crude has dwindled to a four-year low


BMW sales hit the brakes

BMW has announced that its global sales plunged by a quarter for the month of November. It is a sign that even the most well-heeled consumers are


US jobless tops 10 million

US Government figures show that more American jobs were cut in November than in any single month for 34 years. Some 533,000 payrolls disappeared from


Russian primate dies

The leader of Russia’s Orthodox church, Primate Alexiy II has died. A spokesman for the church said the 16th Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia