Anger in India grows after terror attack

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Anger in India grows after terror attack

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A week after the multiple terrorist attacks in the Indian city of Mumbai, vigils have been held for the scores of people who died.

Thousands gathered in the city – but along with the sadness, there was also growing anger.

Many blame Pakistan for the attacks – but also say their own government should have done more to protect them.

The discovery yesterday of a bag of explosives at Mumbai’s main train station has raised more questions about the efficiency of the security services.

“If we don’t do something now, we will never do anything. And to the politicians, what are you doing? After the election, you have sat idle and just want to return after five years with the old bundle of promises.” said one protestor.

Pakistan has strenuously denied any involvement in the attacks, but on a visit to New Delhi, the US Secretary of State urged Islamabad to help in efforts to bring the attackers to justice:

“We expect all responsible nations to participate and cooperate in bringing these perpetrators and Pakistan has a special responsibility to do so and to do so transparently, fully, urgently,” said Condolezza Rice.

The attacks in Mumbai shocked the world, with many describing it as India’s own 9-11.

India has stepped up the pressure on Islamabad after interrogating the only surviving gunman, who allegedly confessed to the group having support from within Pakistan.