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Metalworkers protest over CO2 plan

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Metalworkers protest over CO2 plan


They are claiming it will be the death of the steel industry. Thousands of metalworkers have converged on Brussels, demanding guarantees that their jobs will not be lost because of EU plans to tackle climate change. They maintain these measures, on top of the recession and a drop in car sales, will be too much to bear without specific safeguards. One protester said: “We have already invested a lot in the protection of the environment and we also want jobs to be maintained so they don’t go to other countries.”

The protest has been organised ahead of a crucial vote in Brussels next week on EU plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Environment ministers also meet this week. A compromise deal was reached in Brussels yesterday on cleaner vehicles: if EU members approve the plan, European carmakers will have to cut greenhouse gases from new vehicles by 18 percent over the next six years.
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