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Israel buries victims of Mumbai attacks

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Israel buries victims of Mumbai attacks


The funerals of some of those killed at a Jewish synagogue in the Mumbai terrorist attacks have been held in Israel today. Those killed were held hostage in a cultural centre linked to the ultra-Orthodox Lubavitch movement. Among the 183 people who died in the attacks were a rabbi and his wife who ran the Jewish centre.

The only survivor of the attack was their two-year-old son, Mosche. His Indian minder grabbed him and escaped during the chaos of the militant assault. He was taken back to Israel yesterday with the minder, who has reportedly been given an Israeli passport.

India is insisting that it is not considering a military response to the attacks. The comments come from the country’s foreign minister after its demand that Pakistan hand over 20 of India’s most wanted men, in a sign of good faith. India has blamed Islamist militants based in Pakistan, but Pakistan denies any involvement by its state agencies and is promising to work with India on the investigation.

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