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Austria's new coalition government starts work


Austria's new coalition government starts work

Austria’s new government has got down to work after being sworn-in by the president. With tackling the economic crisis top of the ‘To Do’ list, like most other governments in the world right now, both Chancellor Werner Faymann and Vice- Chancellor Josef Pröll have made it clear there is no time to waste. They have already had some tough talks. A perceived imbalance of power in their last coalition led to the collapse of the government and bitter recriminations in the summer. This time, the Conservative leader Pröll made sure his party secured the finance, economy, foreign and justice ministries.

But it is far from certain that this new alliance, with its two new leaders, will be any more harmonious. The two parties are back together as a result of political expedience after suffering their worst election results since World War Two. They have agreed to spend 1.9 billion euros on an economic stimulus package which includes significant tax cuts.