Pakistan under pressure over Mumbai attacks

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Pakistan under pressure over Mumbai attacks

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As tension mounts between India and Pakistan over the Mumbai terrorist attacks, the US is calling on Islamabad to fully cooperate with inquiries.

India says it has proof of a Pakistani link to the militant strikes, which killed 183 people.

Indian President Pratibha patil said: “The incident has reinforced the determination of India to fight resolutely against the threat of terrorism. India will take all steps necessary to deal with the menace and will also work jointly with the international community.”

Pakistan has denied any involvement by its state agencies, and has condemned the Mumbai attacks as “a barbaric act of terrorism”.

India’s Home Minister has resigned over the killings and the chief minister in the state of Maharashtra has also offered to resign.

One news agency is reporting that the only gunman captured has confessed that he underwent months of commando-style training in an Islamist camp in Pakistan. The Lashkar-e-Taiba group has been named.

One woman in Mumbai summed up the feelings of many: “The scars are really bad and it has affected everybody’s life … even the children at home, especially. I am really worried about the children because for sixty two hours children have been only exposed to this and there has been a lot of trauma.”

10 militants arrived in Mumbai by boat, and their killing spree included strikes on hotels popular with Western travellers. Nine of the gunmen were eventually killed.