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US and Russia in nuclear pact talks

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US and Russia in nuclear pact talks


The US and Russia will hold talks in Geneva over the next week to try to find a replacement for the 1991 Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, which is due to expire at the end of next year.

At the same time Russia has rejected fresh US proposals aimed at easing concerns over a missile defence system in Europe.

Vladimir Chizhov, the Russian Ambassador to the European Union, said: “I don’t want to prejudge any decision that President-elect Obama will be taking, but I believe it’s best for him to know what to expect from Russia in case the decision to go ahead is taken.”

The US’ plan to place parts of an anti-missile defence system in Poland and the Czech Republic are deemed by Russia to be a threat to its security.

But Washington maintains its only to protect itself from terrorist attacks from so-called rogue nations.

The Russian President says his country will respond by stationing new missiles near Poland.

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