British girl wins right to die

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British girl wins right to die

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A British teenage girl has won the right to refuse a potentially life-saving heart operation.

Terminally-ill Hannah Jones, 13, persuaded health officials in Herefordshire to drop legal action to force her to undergo treatment.

Her health authority says she demonstrated awareness she could die.

“I am seen by doctors every three months or so to check up on me….constantly taking medicines, it is really hard,” said the teenager.

“I don’t like being how I am but I am living with it, so that is it.”

Her mother, a former intensive care nurse, says she and her husband are pleased to back their daughter’s decision.

“They did say to us that she would probably die within three to six months and we have had her a year now. So you just don’t know, do you, what is coming round the corner,” said Kirsty Jones.

In Italy, meanwhile, the Supreme Court has begun what is expected to be a final ruling in a landmark right-to-die case that has split the country.

Eluana Englaro, 37, has been in a coma since a 1992 car crash.Her father, Beppino, now hopes that the court’s verdict will be the last word after taking on the legal system to end life support, for nearly ten years. The court has one month in which it can deliberate but a decision may come as early as this week.