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Protestors block German nuclear waste transfer

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Protestors block German nuclear waste transfer


Thousands of anti-nuclear protesters have been spending the weekend doing what they can to disrupt the transfer of nuclear waste to a site in Germany.

Blockades were mounted and set alight at various intervals along the railway tracks leading to the storage plant.

Around 16,000 German police officers were mobilised to clear the way.

More than 120 tonnes of German nuclear waste left a reprocessing site in northern France aboard a train on Friday. By the time it reached Germany, the load was 12 hours behind schedule after protesters chained themselves to the tracks.

From the border, the route to the cargo’s destination in Goerleben was lined with obstacles and demonstrators, many of whom come every year for the annual shipment.

Anti-nuclear activists say Germany’s nuclear power plants are unsafe and that the government is taking too much time over its promise to close them down.

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