Whirlpool cutting jobs

Whirlpool is to lay off 5,000 people – seven percent of its work force. At the same time it made that announcement, the world’s biggest appliance


Markets bounce back

There was a bit more optimism in the stock markets on Tuesday and the sell-off seems to have stopped for the moment. European indexes rose, with


France moves on jobs

Faced with rapidly rising unemployment, the French government has unveiled a series of jobs measures. With the economic crisis worsening, more than


Consumer rights across the EU

The European Union is updating its legislation on consumer protection. It wants to ensure that people all get the same rights, but how to do that in


McCain cuts Obama's poll lead

As the US election enters the final week, John McCain appears to be making ground on his White House rival Barack Obama. A poll today puts the


Jewish treasure, Nazi rubbish

Germany, 1938, and the Nazi regime finally reveals where its policies towards the Jews are heading; destruction. Kristallnacht, the 70th