Gomorrah author faces death by Christmas

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Gomorrah author faces death by Christmas

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The Napels based Camorra want Robero Saviano, the author of the best selling book Gomorrah, dead by Christmas.

The office of the Naples based anti-mafia bureau received a tip-off from a “supergrass” related to the jailed Camorra godfather Francesco Schiavone, aka “Sandokan” .

The difference this time is that the death threat is now “operative” and applies not only to the writer but his five bodyguards.

The 29-year-old has been living under police protection since the book, which exposes the Casalesi clan’s brutal criminal empire, hit the shelves in 2006.

The book has since been made into an award winning film and is a candidate for an Oscar.

This has infuriated the Camorra further.

Saviano said it is the sheer numbers who have bought the book that concerns the mob.

Gomarrah has been translated into 42 languages and appeared on the bestseller lists across Europe.

As a result of his brave stance Saviano is considered a national hero with politicians urging the public to show solidarity with the writer.