Obama takes clear lead

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Obama takes clear lead

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US presidential candidate Barrack Obama has surged into a 6 point lead in the latest poll for the race to the White House.

In Philadelphia, Obama praised republican rival McCain for toning down the mud slinging but cast doubts over his ability to run the economy.

Democrat Presidential candidate Barack Obama said: ‘‘Senator McCain has served this country with honour. He deserves our thanks for that. But, when it comes to the economy and what the families here in Pennsylvania are going through, Senator McCain doesn’t get it.’‘

With both sides trading insults, McCain had earlier urged supporters to take a milder tone.

McCain was also keen to avoid any reference to the so called ‘Troppergate’ probe which has enveloped the Republican campaign team.

Republican presidential candidate John McCain said: ‘‘It’s people who are trying to stay in their homes, keep their jobs and afford health care, is what they want for us to yell at each other? No. What they want is for us to sit down, together Republican and Democrat to work together in this terrible time of crisis, this largest financial crisis in our history.’‘

On Friday, vice-presidential running mate Sarah Palin was found guilty of abusing her power for personnel ends in a family dispute.

At an event outside Philadelphia Palin preferred to concentrate on the younger participants and local produce rather than speak about the scandal dogging her.