Lithuania goes to the polls

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Lithuania goes to the polls

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Lithuanian’s are voting today in a general election, which also includes a referendum on extending a Chernobyl style nuclear power plant.

Troubled with double-digit inflation after years of post-soviet boom the economy is featuring upper most on voters minds. As are fears of a newly assertive Russia.

Among the various contenders is current Prime Minister and Social Democrat boss Gedimimas Kirkilas.

With polls showing no prospect of an out right winner Kirkilas, who wants to take Lithuania into the eurozone, could remain in power.

But, ex-prime minister and main rival Andrius Kubilius, who’s Homeland Union Christian Democrat party leads in the polls, is looking to snatch the reins.

Lithunian’s are also being asked to vote on whether to prolong the life of the Chernobyl style Ignalina nuclear reactor.

The Lithuania government hopes a ‘Yes’ vote will convince the EU to extend the life of the plant, which it has so far refused to do.

In all sixteen parties are vying for the attention of an electorate many claim are fed up with its politicians.