Outcry over Dutroux house sale

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Outcry over Dutroux house sale

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It has become known as the House of Horrors.

Twelve years ago the bodies of two young girls were found buried, the victims of notorious Belgian paedophile Marc Dutroux.

Now the house in Sars la Buissiere near Charleroi is for sale – and the local mayor is not pleased:

“I think the situation is already painful enough for the families and everyone else… and I think the local authority has an obligation in terms of respecting the memory of the site.”

In Charleroi, feelings about the case run deep.

Several projects have been proposed for the property, including demolition, but none have been realised.

Dutroux was sentenced to life in prison in 2004 for the kidnap and rape of six young girls, including the murder of four of them.

Fearful that it may become a morbid attraction, locals are calling for the regional authority to buy the property and build an appropriate memorial.