Crude prices rise

Oil prices perked up again on Friday, though they did record their biggest weekly drop since 2004. Energy traders remain worried a recession will


Internet computer games like this one – where players take part in a school massacre – have helped prompt the Council of Europe to issue a series of


Outcry over Dutroux house sale

It has become known as the House of Horrors. Twelve years ago the bodies of two young girls were found buried, the victims of notorious Belgian


ATV: the next step

Europe’s ATV – the Jules Verne – ended its first mission with a controlled break-up over the Pacific. Its developers are already thinking about the


Chaplin in Lisbon

Geraldine Chaplin has paid a visit to Lisbon to see the exhibition dedicated to her father, “Chaplin in Pictures”. The exhibition, which includes


Palin/Biden debate judged a draw

Lively, but polite is the conclusion after the eagerly-awaited vice-Presidential debate between Sarah Palin and Joe Biden. In an event littered with


US bail-out vote looms

As a darkening economic picture drags money markets down, pressure is piling on the US House of Representatives to follow the Senate and approve