Japan car sales slump

Sales of cars in Japan have fallen to their lowest level in over three decades. Demand for new vehicles has been hit by higher unemployment and


EU wax fix busted by Brussels

Paraffin wax. Not something we think about much, but a vital part of our everyday lives, key to several industries, and a business worth millions of


EU proposes new rules for banks

The European Union has put forward its plan for a tougher stance on banks to prevent them from a future mauling at the hands of a global credit


Proud to be Young@Heart

The film Young@Heart is an ode to the elderly. The members of the choir on which it is based have an average age of 80, but their repertoire ranges


Russian court rehabilitates Tsar

Russia’s highest court has ruled that the last Tsar, Nicolas II, was unlawfully killed by Bolshevik revolutionaries. The declaration has been hailed