Centre-left opposition wins Slovenian election

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Centre-left opposition wins Slovenian election

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Slovenia’s opposition centre-left parties have defeated conservative Prime Minister Janez Jansa in a parliamentary election by a wafer-thin majority. That is according to early results.

The Social Democrat leader Borut Pahor and his two political allies have not yet claimed victory.

But a coalition is the most likely result as demonstrated by the show of unity, with the leaders of the Social Democrats and Liberal Democrats and Zares party holding hands as the results were announced.

“This is not only a very good result, this is a real success. But for us to take this as a final result we will need to wait for confirmation from the electoral commission,” said Borut Pahor.

“To all those who didn’t vote for us and to those who did, we will govern for the future of Slovenia, taking everyone’s interests into account,” he added.

Jansa would have a much more difficult time trying to cobble together a majority to stay in power. He acknowledged that Pahor and his partners would probably form the new cabinet.

“We wanted to form a majority in parliament to proceed with the development of Slovenia but obviously we will not have the mandate to do this, so we will have to accept the result of this election,” he said.

With about 99 per cent of votes counted, the Social Democrats held a lead of one percentage point, giving the party 29 seats in the 90 seat parliament, as opposed to 28 for Jansa.