Cantabria denounces ETA for exporting violence

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Cantabria denounces ETA for exporting violence

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The return of Basque terror attacks in Spain has sparked widespread condemnation of the separatist group ETA.

After a weekend of attacks inside the Basque country, ETA took its campaign to neighbouring Cantabria. One soldier was killed and another seriously wounded in a car bombing at an army barracks in the town of Santona.

Cantabria is outraged that ETA should take its argument with Madrid across its borders. Its regional leader denounced the bombers, but said ETA’s political wing is equally to blame.

“There is one ETA, the one of the psychopaths who planted the bomb here last night, and others in the Basque country over the weekend. They are killers who belong in prison. But there is another ETA, the one with politicians in the Basque parliament and the town councils,” said the Cantabrian president.

The Santona bomb followed Saturday night attacks in the Basque capital Vitoria and in the town of Ondarroa.

The head of the Basque regional government professed his own outrage at the Cantabria attack and said ordinary Basques rejected violence. “We are utterly disgusted by these attacks. I want everyone to know that. We are disgusted, as is every normal, decent Basque person.”

Saturday night’s car bomb in Ondarroa revealed a new ETA strategy: the terrorists left their device outside a police station, then threw petrol bombs to lure officers outside into the trap.

Another bomb exploded in Vitoria. It is thought the surge in violence is ETA’s response to Spain banning a referendum on the future of the Basque country.