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Neck-and-neck race to Sunday's Slovenian election

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Neck-and-neck race to Sunday's Slovenian election


The Slovenian parliamentary election race is shaping up to be a one-on-one battle.

The incumbent centre-right prime minister has been the favourite up to now. Janez Jansa’s popularity is seemingly untouched by allegations of a procurement scandal involving the alleged payment of bribes around Slovenia’s biggest-ever defence contract.

However his Slovenian Democratic Party
is only polling 30 percent and that makes an unwieldy, disparate multi-party coalition in Slovenia all but certain.

However some polls say centre-left challenger Borut Pahor has snatched the lead.

One could not get a slip of paper between many of their economic policies, as both promise to curb inflation, but Pahor says he will spend more on welfare and less on the military

If Pahor wins, Slovenia’s newest election star is his potential coalition partner. Lawyer Katarina Kresal only entered politics last year by becoming President of the Liberal Democratic Party.

If she and Pahor join forces with the Zares Party, formed by rebel Liberal Democrats, they could paint a new political scene in Slovenia.

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