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Livni and Kadima party bosses talk tactics

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Livni and Kadima party bosses talk tactics


Israel’s Foreign Minister has held a meeting with her Kadima party executive to discuss the best way forward in trying to form a new government.

Two days after winning the party leadership, Tzipi Livni is trying to put together a coalition to replace that of Ehud Olmert, who is leaving office amid corruption allegations.

Absent from this morning’s meeting was the man narrowly defeated by Livni in the leadership contest, Transport Minister Shaul Mofaz.

He is said to be angry about alleged irregularities in the voting, and some reports say he is not ruling out returning to the rival right-wing Likud party, to which he is said to be ideologically close.

The ultra-Orthodox Jewish party Shas could be a possible king-maker in forming the next government.

However, this partnership could tie Livni’s hands in peace talks with the Palestinians – Shas opposes any compromise on key issues in the conflict.

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