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Eurosceptics furious to have EU flag forced on them

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Eurosceptics furious to have EU flag forced on them


The European Parliament is set to adopt the
European Union flag formally. Since that would require it to be displayed throughout European Parliament buildings, arguments have reignited over whether the symbol is a pennant promoting the creation of a European federal state.

MEP Jo Leinen asked ‘why the fuss?’: “I should remind the British conservatives and the eurosceptics around the EU that a European Council in the 70’s with the participation of Maggie Thatcher accepted the symbols in a Council decision.”

Some critics object that a decision by the parliament’s Constitutional Affairs Committee will force them to have the flag in their offices. Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” is also ensured wider play. Both symbols helped an EU constitution to fail, considered slights to national sensitivities.

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