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Europeans concerned about climate change question biofuels

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Europeans concerned about climate change question biofuels


Almost two thirds of Europeans – 62% – consider climate change to be one of the two most serious problems facing the world today. Only poverty scored slightly higher in a special Eurobarometer survey of public attitudes.

A substantial majority of Europeans consider the EU’s targets on greenhouse gases and renewable energy to be about right or too modest. The targets, to be met by 2020, are: a cut of at least 20% in greenhouse gas emissions below 1990 levels and an increase in the share of renewable energy to 20%.

But the target of 10% biofuels to be used for transport was a point of contention.

The European Parliament has asked that this be restricted, so as not to use food staples for biofuel production, because it risks contributing to food price rises and deforestation. It wants agricultural second generation or waste material to fill the gap. But industry says that sort of technology is still quite a way off.

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