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Britain announces energy-saving package

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Britain announces energy-saving package


Britain’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown has unveiled a 1.25 billion euro energy-saving initiative to help those struggling to pay soaring fuel bills.

Pensioners and people on low incomes will receive free loft and wall insulation, and others will get discounts.

Brown said: “We have made a provision for a total of six million households to be insulated between now and 2011 and another five million households will receive help with other energy saving devices. The government will make further provisions if the demand is greater.”

Pensioners’ organisations have criticised the scheme, saying the elderly need help now to pay their winter bills.

Britain’s energy suppliers will help fund the new package, but will escape a suggested windfall tax on their profits.

Brown also announced today that a conference in London in December will bring together oil producers and consumers to discuss the fuel crisis.

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