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Basque separatist leader released from jail

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Basque separatist leader released from jail


The leader of the banned Basque separatist party Batasuna has been released from prison after serving a 15-month sentence for praising acts of terrorism by the armed group ETA.

Arnaldo Otegi, who was greeted by a group of family members and supporters outside the prison in San Sebastien, called for negotiations to solve the region’s political problems: “For many years there has been a deep, unresolved political problem in this country. There is still no solution to this problem and I believe the only solution lies in dialogue and negotiation,” he said.

Otegi also called for the release of all ETA prisoners being held in jails across Spain. Otegi was imprisoned in July 2007, three days after ETA officially broke off a ceasefire and threatened to attack the Spanish government “on all fronts.” He now faces other charges including representing the political wing of ETA. Batasuna is banned because of its links to ETA.

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