Baltic nations prepare for EU summit on Russia

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Baltic nations prepare for EU summit on Russia

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The European Union has called a special summit to discuss the Russia-Georgia situation on Monday.

But in the Baltic region, they have pre-empted that.

The presidents of Poland, Estonia and Latvia have been meeting to thrash out a common position ahead of the summit.

They believe it is vital the EU is united in its response to Moscow’s actions.

Latvian President, Valdis Zatlers, told reporters: “We don’t see the withdrawal of Russian troops, we don’t see the progress on the peacekeeping processes in this region, and we have also to focus on how Europe can speak with one voice because that is the most important thing.”

Brussels could decide to impose sanctions on Russia, although analysts doubt member states will agree on that. The Russian amabassador to the EU does not appear to think it is likely either.

“First of all, I highly doubt that that might ever happen; but hypothetically speaking, this would be to the detriment of the European Union as much, if not more than to Russia,” said Vladimir Chizov.

It is thought that rather than go for sanctions, the bloc will follow EU president France’s proposal to merely monitor Russia’s will to cooperate for the time being.