Can Biden rebuild broken Democratic bridges?

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Can Biden rebuild broken Democratic bridges?

Can Biden rebuild broken Democratic bridges?
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Hillary Clinton has made it clear that the past is the past and her party must now come together if it wants to retake control of the White House.

“No way, no how. No McCain. Barack Obama is my candidate and he must be our president,” she told the Democratic National Convention.

So as the window of opportunity shuts for one US senator, all eyes are now firmly focused on Joe Biden – the man Obama has chosen to make up his dream ticket.

A senator for nearly forty years, Biden’s presence is clearly aimed at pleasing Obama’s critics who said he lacked experience. He has even run twice for America’s top job himself.

But some political historians believe he is carrying too much baggage.

Allan Lichtman, Professor of History at American University said: “On the minus side, Biden has bombed out twice as a presidential candidate. The first time he ran there were accusations of plagiarism. He can be gaffe prone. But he does bring what Obama needs on this ticket; experience, gravitas and tremendous knowledge in the area of foreign policy.”

However, some fear his initial support for the war in Iraq, along with previous backing for the US Republican presidential candidate makes him an odd choice to say the least. Not so, John McCain.

“Joe and I have been friends for many, many, years and we know each other very well, and so I think he’s made a very wise selection,” he says.

A staunch Catholic from a working class background, Biden could touch parts of the electorate which Obama may struggle to reach.

But only time will tell if Obama’s choice can help rebuild bridges within the Democratic party.