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Michelle Obama's personal tribute to her husband

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Michelle Obama's personal tribute to her husband


A down-to-earth American, just like you. That was how Barack Obama’s wife described her husband as the Democratic convention opened in Denver. Michelle Obama wanted to explain Obama the man by recounting their life together. She was the keynote speaker on Day One of the convention, insisting her husband is no aloof celebrity, but a typical hard-working American:

“That is why he is running: to end the war in Iraq responsibly, to build an economy that lifts every family, to make sure health care is available for every American and to make sure every child in this nation gets a world-class education, all the way from pre-school to college. That is what Barack Obama will do as President of the United States
of America.”

Democratic Party grandees were there too; Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of JFK, and her uncle Teddy, who once flirted with running for President himself. He defied cancer to travel to Denver, and admitted Obama has become his inspiration: “For me, this is a season of hope,” he said. “New hope for justice and fair prosperity, for the many and not just for the few. New hope, and this is the cause of my life, new hope.”

Today the theme will be unity. Hillary Clinton will take to the stage, calling on her supporters to heal lingering divisions in their party, to ensure a Democrat victory in November.

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