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Biden brings experience to the Obama ticket

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Biden brings experience to the Obama ticket


To counter those who might say that Barack Obama’s presidential dossier looks a little slender, the choice of Joe Biden as running-mate appears a master-stroke.

With 35 years under his belt, he is one of the longest serving members of the senate, many of those years spent on the Foreign Relations Committee, of which he is now the chair.

Last week, when US aid began arriving to help those caught up in the Georgian War, it was the 65 year old Joe Biden who was on the scene.

He has a high-profile at home in the US too, having been involved in anti-drugs laws, and presiding over two controversial Supreme Court appointment confirmations.

Biden’s a keen debater who some would say is prone to making verbal gaffes, and there have been questions in the past about plagiarism.

But he is widely considered an expert on foreign affairs, and will cement the Obama candidacy on the world stage.

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