Relatives claim victims wanted off doomed plane

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Relatives claim victims wanted off doomed plane

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The grief of victims’ relatives has been heightened by the difficulty of identifying the bodies of many of those died.

Families arriving in Madrid have been voicing their anger.

One woman showed reporters a mobile phone text message from her husband, while her son explained it said he was concerned about the plane but was not allowed to get off.

Another woman told of a passenger who called his mother expressing similar fears.

A man arriving with the other relatives claimed half those on board wanted to get off but were not permitted.

Many young people and children were among the victims.

“The girls were 19 and 23. The baby was born in May. It’s really very hard,” said one distraught young man.

Workers and travellers at Madrid’s main airport observed a minute’s silence in tribute to the victims. King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia were again on hand to offer what comfort they could to relatives.