Pakistani coalition government promises to stick together

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Pakistani coalition government promises to stick together

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Pakistan’s pressing security and economic problems were top of the agenda as leaders of the coalition government met for talks.

Even though Pervez Musharraf’s support of the US-led so-called ‘war on terror’ was unpopular, the coalition has assured Washington and its allies that it too wants to control militants.

The alliance also has to decide how to deal with restoring dozens of judges Musharraf fired last year.

The Pakistan People’s Party spokesman believes the coalition will stick together.

“We would not have been able to remove Musharraf if we had not stayed together. Similarly we will not be able to restore judges if we don’t stay together. Similarly, we will not be able to correct anomalies in the constitution unless we stay together,” said
Farhatullah Babar.

However, divisive questions still hang over Musharraf’s future.

There has been no announcement on whether he will get immunity from prosecution on charges of violating the constitution.

Coalition officials say Musharraf had sought immunity but in his resignation address he said he was asking for nothing.