Wait continues for refugees of Georgia conflict

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Wait continues for refugees of Georgia conflict

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The Caucasus conflict has emptied many Georgian and South Ossetian towns and villages.

Those South Ossetians that fled to Russia are now starting to return.

But most Georgians are unwilling to leave the relative safety of refugee camps near Tbilisi. First they want assurances that Russian troops have pulled out of the conflict zone.

Even when they do go back, most do not know what they will find.

“My parents are still in a village 80 kilometres from Gori. I don’t even know if they’re still alive…and I have no idea what happened to my house,” said one Georgian refugee.

Red Cross officials said earlier they had been denied entry into South Ossetia.

The group is distributing food and emergency equipment, with more coming from the US and the European Union.

Russian troops have been handing out supplies in Gori, less than a week after they attacked the town to drive out Georgian forces.

According to figures from the UN’s refugee agency around 160,000 people have been displaced by the violence.