Swiss face Libyan oil ban over Gadaffi arrest

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Swiss face Libyan oil ban over Gadaffi arrest

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Switzerland has reacted cautiously to reports that Libya is to cut off oil sales to the country following the arrest of Colonel Gadaffi’s youngest son.

Hannibal Gadaffi was detained for two days in Geneva accused of mistreating two domestic staff.

But the Swiss government says it has received no official word of such retaliation.

Jean-Philippe Jeannerat, a Swiss Foreign Affairs spokesman, said: “We have read lots of things. There appears to be an intention announced in the press. But for the moment Switzerland does not have any official information.”

Libya is the biggest, but not the only, crude oil supplier to Switzerland. But it is not only about fuel. Libya has ordered Swiss companies to close, restricted visas and arrested two Swiss nationals.

“It is a little vague,” Jeannerat said. “These were people living in Libya. Their situation is now dramatic because they are being treated as illegal immigrants on Libyan soil.”

A Swiss delegation has been despatched to Libya to explain the arrest of Hannibal Gadaffi which has been labelled a “horrible crime” in Libya.

Hannibal Gadaffi claims he was mistreated in custody which the Swiss authorities deny.