Libya cuts Swiss oil supplies

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Libya cuts Swiss oil supplies

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Libya has begun carrying out its threats against Switzerland over the arrest of Muammar Gadhaffi’s son in Geneva last week.

The OPEC member has banned shipments of crude oil and refined petroleum products to the Swiss.

Motassim Bilal Gadhaffi and his pregnant wife were arrested on July 15 at a hotel in Geneva, after allegedly hitting two domestic employees.

Switzerland gets much of its oil from Libya imported through a company he runs.

“There was absolutely no intention in this delicate matter to hurt the feelings of the Libyan people or of the family of the Libyan leader. I want to stress this,” said the Swiss ambassador in Tripoli, Daniel von Muralt.

Gadhaffi spent two nights in a cell in Geneva, but was released on bail after being formally charged with mal-treatment.

The case has raised strong feelings in the North African oil-state.

A group of Gadhaffi followers also want Libya to withdraw all money deposited in Swiss banks, a sum equal to 4 billion euros last year, according to figures from the Swiss National Bank.