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Sudan dismisses ICC accusation

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Sudan dismisses ICC accusation


There has been angry reaction in Sudan to a prosecutor at the International Criminal Court accusing President Omar al-Bashir of genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity.

Thousands have marched in Khartoum to demonstrate and fix posters of their president on the walls of the UN’s headquarters and the British embassy.

The UN ordered all its non-essential staff to stay at home. Some may leave the country.

Other voices have been raised questioning the move against al-Bashir.

Iran says the indictment is “unhelpful”, and the African Union – which has peacekeepers alongside the UN in the troubled Darfur region – insists Sudan is its affair, adding that going after al-Bashir could destablise the situation even further. The AU’s peace and security spokesperson said it was “unacceptable” for the court to target African leaders.

Sudan has already failed to hand over a government minister and militia leader charged by the court last year.

In 2006, the African Union decided to set up its own court for crimes committed on the continent.

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