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Police crackdown on opposition resumes in Belarus

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Police crackdown on opposition resumes in Belarus


Riot police in Belarus have dispersed a protest by opposition activists demonstrating against the arrest of several of their comrades.

Authorities blame them for an explosion at a concert in the capital Minsk on July 4, which was attended by President Aleksander Lukashenko.

Described as “Europe’s last dictator” by Washington, Lukashenko is barred from entering both the United States and the European Union, which accuse him of violating basic freedoms.

More than 50 people were wounded when a bomb went off during a concert earlier this month.

Authorities have not confirmed opposition claims that around a dozen people were arrested and have played down the incident.

The opposition has threatened to boycott a general election in September if their members aren’t released – a move which could further reduce chances of gaining Western recognition in a vote Lukashenko has promised will be free and fair.

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