UK PM vows more knife crime measures, as stabbings spiral

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UK PM vows more knife crime measures, as stabbings spiral

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British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has promised to introduce more measures next week to tackle knife crime.

The pledge comes after four men were stabbed to death in a single day in London.

Police say the problem has overtaken terrorism as their top priority.

In a six week stop and search campaign in the capital, they say they’ve seized five hundred knives and made more than one thousand arrests.

London’s Assistant Police Commissioner Tim Godwin said: “We are committed to driving down this scourge of knife crime in London. We will relentlessly pursue those who carry weapons and we will put them in front of the court for the court to decide what to do with them and we will work closely with our partners to unpick what the underlying causes of this is to actually try to prevent it.”

The stabbings bring London’s death toll this year from similar attacks to over fifty.

Police insist that while the problem is serious, it can be overcome.

They say overall in the capital, the murder rate has not risen substantially.

And they say in New York last year, a city of similar size, more than twice as many murders took place.

The new measures promised by the Prime Minister are expected to include tougher sentencing provisions.