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UK payout for Iraqis tortured by British troops

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UK payout for Iraqis tortured by British troops


Britain’s Ministry of Defence has agreed to pay more than three-and-a-half million euros in compensation to a group of civilians, beaten and tortured by British troops in southern Iraq. Among those abused, Baha Musa died after receiving 93 injuries.

In September 2003, British troops raided a hotel in Basra, looking for insurgents. They rounded up nine men. In the following 36 hours, the men were violently interrogated.

In a statement, the MoD said it is right that compensation has been agreed and it apologised to the families. Seven British troops were court-martialled last year over the case but just one was jailed after admitting inhumane treatment.

Corporal Donald Payne remains the only soldier to have been convicted out of a total of 21 who have been court martialled over their actions in Iraq. The British government could now be facing a flood of compensation claims for abuse.

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