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EU's Kosovo pledges total 1.2 billion euros

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EU's Kosovo pledges total 1.2 billion euros


The EU has pledged a total of 1.2 billion euros in aid donations for the reconstruction of Kosovo.

It came at the end of a donors conference of the bloc’s 27 states.

The European Commission had earlier announced a package worth half a billion. It was topped up to the final figure by pledges from member states.

The US has offered 250 million euros for the self-declared state, which broke from Serbia five months ago.

Political analyst Gergana Noutcheva believes the money could boost security in the region: “If the money’s well spent and it delivers results it is going to make Pristina more attractive for every citizen living on the territory of Kosovo. So, indirectly it’s going to contibute to improving the security situations,” she said.

Kosovo leaders had said they needed 1.4 billion euros to hit the rebuilding targets they had set. Despite the shortfall they says its a big step on the road to recovery.

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