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G8 leans on emerging countries to cut emissions


G8 leans on emerging countries to cut emissions

More talks on climate change between G8 leaders and the heads of the emerging countries look set to be stormy. The poorer nations are apparently unimpressed by G8 plans to cut their global greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2050, believing they should do even more.

But the leaders of the world’s richest nations know they can’t do it alone. They’re responsible for less than half of the problem. Other large polluters like China and India insist the cost of renewable energy is too big a burden for their fragile economies to bear.

Today South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Indonesia and South Korea, as well as China and India, join the emissions haggling.

For all the promises from inside the complex in Japan, critics have been quick to heap criticism on what they see as ineffectual leadership. Greenpeace said the proposals on the table were nothing more than that achieved last year. The World Wildlife Fund called the G8 stance ‘pathetic’.


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