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Police killed in Islamabad suicide bombing

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Police killed in Islamabad suicide bombing


A suicide bomber has killed at least ten people, mostly policemen, in an attack near The Red Mosque in Pakistan where Islamists where commemorating an army raid on the holy site.

One media report said up to 19 people may have died. The blast, which left a number of others injured, happened after a tightly guarded meeting of Islamists at the Red Mosque had ended.

The officers were gathered in a commercial district of the capital Islamabad, several hundred metres from the mosque. A senior police official said it was a suicide attack and that his men were the main target.

Thousands of Islamists had earlier commemorated the first anniversary of the army raid at the mosque. More than 100 people died when commandos stormed the building after a week-long siege. It began after gunmen from the mosque clashed with police.

President Pervez Musharraf has been battling radical Muslims opposed to his rule for years. Speakers at the commemoration today said he was to blame for last year’s bloodshed.

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