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Greenpeace accuses Europe over deforestation

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Greenpeace accuses Europe over deforestation


Greenpeace has used a 12-metre tree trunk illegally cut from the Amazon to condemn Europe’s role in deforestation. The protest in Brussels sought to pressure the European Commission to ban illegal timber imports. A vote on proposed legislation is expected in three weeks. Greenpeace says the EU’s lack of strict laws against unregulated tree-felling makes Europeans accomplices in illegal logging.

Activist Sebastian Risso said: “It is vital that everyone in the market accepts his responsibilities. The EU is also responsible, as the main consumer. It has to stop illegal wood from being sold to Europeans.”

The environmentalists say the EU, as the world’s biggest wood importer, should insist that all timber products on the European market are from legal sources and well-managed forests. They say it would help stop the destructive impact of illegal logging on the world’s climate, biodiversity and native people living in forests.

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