Israel eases restrictions on Gaza, under truce deal

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Israel eases restrictions on Gaza, under truce deal

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Israel has begun gradually easing its economic blockade of the Gaza Strip.

Truckloads of supplies have been heading into the territory.

The move is part of a fragile truce between Israel and Hamas, the Islamist group which controls Gaza.

Under the Egyptian-brokered deal, which came into effect on Thursday, the two sides have halted cross-border fighting and Israel has agreed to ease restrictions.

The Karni crossing has reopened for the first time in a year. Goods have also been passing through the Sufa crossing.

But officials on both sides have played down the immediate impact on humanitarian and economic conditions in the enclave.

“The suffering is still the same,” said one Gaza resident, complaining that, for now, more than 90 products, including cement, iron and aluminium are not getting through.

If the truce holds, further goods are set to be allowed into Gaza. Palestinians there are demanding the restoration of the full flow of imports.