Optimism as Fragile Gaza ceasefire holds

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Optimism as Fragile Gaza ceasefire holds

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Palestinians enjoyed a rare day of peace in Gaza after a six month ceasefire agreed between Israel and Hamas came into effect. Many Gazan’s took advantage of the calm, spending the day at the beach.

Whether Palestinians and Israelis believe the ceasefire can last, the deal has raised hope of a break in the cycle of violence.

We came here to Gaza Beach today because we are beginning to feel the calm that we had hoped for for so long.

However, Gaza’s Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh said despite the ceasefire the group could not stop smuggling into the territory.

‘‘We cannot talk about stopping smuggling because it’s something beyond our control as a government and we did not give a commitment to this’‘.

Stopping arms smuggling remains a key Israeli demand in the Egyptian brokered deal.

In contrast to the peace in Gaza, three Israeli’s were injured, two of them seriously, after coming under fire near a Jewish settlement in the Westbank.

The West Bank is not part of the truce in Gaza between Israel and Hamas which began on Thursday.