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Changing of the guard in Kosovo

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Changing of the guard in Kosovo


On Sunday, Kosovo’s new constitution comes into force, so the UN and NATO have been scrambling to clarify the security situation, and the international community’s role in maintaining peace. The EU is keen to take on a bigger role through an around 2,000 strong police mission, known as EULEX. This will now be working with a reformed Kosovo Security Force.

The KSF will replace the current KPC, made up almost entirely of former UCK ethnic Albanian guerrillas, and will aim to be more multi-ethnic. It will be a lightly armed, professional body responsible for domestic security, trained by NATO.

The UN’s UNMIK peacekeepers will continue to patrol Kosovo’s borders, although the intention is to gradually phase them out, handing over totally to NATO and the EU. Some 42 UN members have recognised Kosovan independence, rejected by Serbia and Russia.

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