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Obama has the numbers, but Clinton hangs on


Obama has the numbers, but Clinton hangs on

Hillary Clinton has paid tribute to her opponent but stopped short of officially conceding the race. She had reportedly said earlier she was “open” to being Barak Obama’s running mate. “It has been an honour to contest these primaries with him, just as it is an honor to call him my friend,” she said. “And tonight I would like all of us to take a moment to recognise him and his supporters for all they have accomplished.”

But what now for the former First Lady? Ron Fournier from the Associated Press in Washington gave his thoughts on why Clinton refuses to give up the ghost.

He said: “This campaign is over. She’s decided to leave it open-ended so she has leverage. If she had got out tonight, she would have no claim to anything. Now she can say to Barack Obama, ‘Hey, how about making me your number two? Hey, how about helping me pay down my campaign debt? Hey, how about a good spot at the Democratic national convention?’ So she’s leaving this thing open so she has a good negotiating position.”